Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Rehabilitation is the restoration of lost capabilities or a treatment used to heal a body from ailments. It is the restoration of someone to a useful place in society. Drugs offer an addict a temporary relief from life’s hardships and realities. Some of the most addictive drugs include cocaine, crack, heroin and amphetamines.

The first step towards recovery is detoxification. The different types of drug rehabilitations depend on the degree of addiction, the patient’s social background and the kind of drug to which they are addicted. These factors, along with a patient’s cooperation with the staff, determine the time required for recovery. The detoxification program may last for as little as three days. There are a variety of treatments to choose from such as the 12-step program, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, group therapy and counseling.

Drug addiction is often related to the psychology of a person. Youngsters try using drugs out of curiosity while others use drugs as an escape route from their day-to-day problems and worries. This habit gradually grows into addiction. Drugs affect the brain and create a craving and desire to take more drugs. The patients exhibit peculiar symptoms like violent tempers, bizarre behavior, loss of appetite and unexplained weight gain or loss. However, all those who exhibit such symptoms may not be addicts. For a patient in the initial stage of addiction, an outpatient treatment program may do wonders. Patients with an acute history of addiction may require an inpatient treatment program. In such a program, a patient is supervised and his or her progress is monitored 24 hours. This may be in a hospital or a residential surrounding which offers supervision like a hospital.

It is of vital importance that the rehabilitation center be situated far away from the patient’s residence and all influences that can enable further addictions. Rehab centers not only work towards treating a patient, but also towards ensuring that the patients do not revert to this addiction.